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   Well... I made it here! 20 hours in the car... aaaah! I slept in the car. Of course. Typical me. But well.. here I am! Made it to the hotel which by the way is really good And I have this wonderful view from my room Some pretty cool views from my hotel which is called Hotel Tofana A little detail... I mean a huge detail from Alta Badia Honestly... I didn't need so much. For real. I mean... But come on I'm not going to complain now... Let's see what we do... Probably skiing I mean what else can I do here? I'm stocked! STOCKED!   

      I'm taking some photos... Alex is flying the drone Everything is just perfect! Everything is aligned for this to be an awesome day! yes!!                       I think the drone is there We just lost the drone. Well it's not completely lost... We can still see it. But we need... either climbing or a helicopter It's his drone. It's not good. The situation is a little complicated But if I can get the images we filmed, I pay the helicopter The images are real good! The images are the most important. I don't care about your drone.   The plan is to take MY drone that is in my room Attach a long rope to it and try to swing it towards Alex's drone and see if we can move it   ...and make it fall down. To the snow (hopefully) F*ck 2 hours later... Ok so this is what we've done: We attached a hanger to the drone and we're gonna try to fly it up there because there is where Alex's drone is yeah? Let's go! This has to work come on!     Temperature below 0 degrees. Batteries are too cold     

               Option drone: FAIL. It didn't work. Climbing..?   God damn it.. Alex and Manuel are trying

to climb from the other side   when the only thing you can do is waiting... it sucks.   no answer Hopes are decreasing I mean... I don't know if we'll ever get it back. The drone AND the images. It would be a shame to lose those scenes. They are worth it.   I'm getting so cold... God!! F*ck! I see snow falling... Than means that maybe they are up there moving the drone. 

 Please!!! I think they have it.         After the accident, Alex and his drone are tighter than ever before. Both said that life gave them a second chance. As of today, they live a quiet normal life in the region of Badia, in Italy. I'm in Gardena Pass And I'm heading to a really nice curve I saw. Very beautiful. But I had to drive like 1km past the curve until I could park the car somewhere safe. Let's see if I can get something nice out of it. Yesterday I tried to come but the road was closed due to snow. What one does for a photograph   But I assure you that it's worth it We've got the mountain, the sunset,

and the road's curve.   God... I have to hurry. The sun is setting   Ok? Let's go. Bad luck is when you are in a place like the one behind me and you want to fly the drone and the battery of the phone dies because it is cold. I have already missed the last rays on top of the mountain   I hope that I got a nice shot with the camera After all, these photos are the ones I value the most You know? Maybe they aren't the most beautiful nor the most spectacular 

 But they are the ones for which you have given a little piece of you to get them   People is looking at me from their cars like "what is this guy doing talking to a camera?" Doesn't he have friends? Well.. no! I don't have any! So what?! Kidding. I do have friends. Just not here. Let's see if the phone is on... make your bets ladies and gentlemen! NO! So it couldn't be this time. We'll have more chances. Now I'm heading to the hotel, get some rest... sauna.. Ah... it could be worse. It could be a lot worse...       

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