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 - Oh What! Look at thestate of that pump track, I wanted to shred that thing,man before hitting the trail. Ahh, no excuses though. We can still ride, we can still ride I can see a few obstacles underthis flyover. That it's dry apart from that bit over there. That we can actually learnsome essential skills. So, I'm gonna show you a fewthings that you can learn if that is wet, you canstill learn some tricks. I see a hip, I see abench, I see some posts, I see some flat ground. It's dry This is my essential skillsthat you need to learn. (electronic dance music) (bright electronic dance music) When Neil did an amazing videoon how to learn he got Tom, one of our creatives, and heworked, cause he doesn't know how to manual, but now he does because ofwhat Neil's just taught him.

And that tutorial is prettycool. If you have a chance to take a look at that. I'll do a throw to thatat the end of this video. But it's all about doing that"L" shape when you're doing it You're pushing down and thenyou're pushing your body weight over the back. And you'repulling the handle bars to get to get the wheel into that manual. It's quite a tough oneto learn, it takes time, it takes practice. But whenyou nail it, it's the best feeling ever, because you'renot pedaling, you're just lifting up that front wheel. And you're gliding down thetrail on one back wheel. And of course it can help you getover some obstacles as well (bright electronic dance music) Now this next one, I struggle with. Can you guess what it is? Fakie,

yes. I struggle with fakies. Nowthe best way to learn the fakie is on the flat ground or on a bank, so you can get a little bit of speed. I'll show you on the flat ground, first because you probablydon't have a flat bank but you probably have a flat surface. What I'm gonna do, I'm gonnause the same pillar for this. And I'm gonna ride towards it. Before I get there I'mgonna hit the front brake, move that body weight overthe front, get that back wheel up in the air. And thenI'm gonna push myself back let go of the front brake. Let the back wheel drop,and then I'm gonna fakie. Use that momentum to getmyself into riding backwards. So the best gear for it isyou don't wanna be too high because you want to get some speed into it but you don't want it to quickbecause if it's real easy gear, your crank's gonna bedoing this, going backwards. But if it was at a medium gear,it'll be going nice smooth movement back. Not toofast but not too slow. Alright, if you don'thave this sort of terrain, and it's too flat where youare. There's a bank over there and a bank is a perfectplace to just ride up it put the brake on a bit,stop, and then roll back down into that fakie.

(bright electronic dance music) Alright this one's the Stoppie. And I'm not very good atstoppies, so this is gonna be a learning curve for me as well. What I mean by Stoppie isyou're gonna use that brake to get your back wheel up intothe air and ride along it, on the front wheel. Bit like the manual but on your front wheel. Andyou wanna be feathering your front brake, you don'twanna lock your front brake. You just go over the bars andthat's a bit embarrassing. I'm bending my knees andkeeping my body weight quite central, still. Kinda looking ahead and I'm kinda feeling wherethat balancing point is. In the nose manual, so I canfeather that front brake.

Keep my momentum going through. (bright electronic dance music) Now this one is supereasy, it's super simple but, yet effective when youget out on there on the trail when it comes to somereal tight switchbacks. This is gonna help you out.This pillar or post or whatever this concrete thing is,to hold this road up. This is basically, if you goaround it, it's real tight. This is basically gonna mimicone of those tight switchbacks on the trail. So, the aim for me to do is to go around this pole, notto touch it but not to venture too far out wide. Becauseif you venture out far wide it's like there's a huge cliffand you're gonna fall of it. So, it's a slow moving one.And it's super easy, super fun. Do it both ways as well,so you can get used to going one way and thengo back the other way. Because you know thetrail never turns right or ever goes left.

Only Nascar goes left. Slow speed, you don't wanna go too fast So, you're learning yourbalance, get as close as you can to the pole without touching it. Look at that, whoa. Try and get your wheel to hug the pole. If you don't have a big pole like this you can put bits on the floor. Look at that, you'relearning your balancing. You're looking around yourapex. You're looking ahead. You're not looking downat your front wheel, because you want to see theexit of that bit of trail. So the great thing abouthaving quite a distance between each pillar is becauseyou can pick of speed into that corner, so you canget out to a reasonable trail speed, into a tight turn. Soyou have to use those brakes and then guide yourself around that turn. That's pretty cool because,you don't just wanna go slow around there because you'llget used to going slow. You wanna go fast, usethe brakes a little bit and then go around that turn. Now this one is cool,because, this is quite hard so you could say it's a hard-packed trail. Then look at this one. Thisone here is quite loose. So, that's a loose bit of trail. You gotta think out the box.Think, look at your terrain and see what would mimicwhat's out there on the trail. So you can learn it here ina bit of dryer environment.

 I'm gonna go around theloose one, hard-packed, loose-packed, hard-packed, loose, hard. Oh, yeah. I can feel the frontend moving in the dirt. When you're riding this turns,you don't wanna lean back and just go around the corner like this, because there's no controlwith your straight arms. What you wanna do is whenyou're turning around, you wanna drop your bike,and you wanna keep your body quite upright. And lookingat your exit of the corner, all the time. Just like this. (relaxed electronic dance music) Alright, that is the Endo. And the most important thingthat you need to do, to do this and potentially you could doit straight away if you take this on, is look at a point.

If you're looking to where you wanna go, basically your backhandis just gonna swing round cause your hips are basicallyguided to where your eyes are looking at. I'm going look at this point,right here. This plastic bottle top thing, and my wooden stick. If I'm focused on that pointwhen I turn, I'm literally gonna do it. It's crazy, whereyou look is where you go. Now, when you're coming intoit, you don't wanna come into it straight. You're comingin at walking speed.

 And you're gonna turn your front wheel, as soon as you turned it youlock the front wheel with your front brake. You're looking atthat stick, and your hips are basically gonna come round,and you're gonna drop the back wheel. But you'llprobably end up doing 90 or 45 then 90 then 80, 85, 70. All those weird angles until you get full 180. I'll demonstrate but watch my eyes and where I'm looking. So, I'm coming in, not toofast. I'm looking, and I wanna point, turn my wheel, shiftmy body weight forwards, so I can manipulate thatback wheel to come up, still focusing on my point let my hips bring thewhole back end round. You can use your thigh,everything, just to grip that bike and bring it round, and drop it down. (relaxed electronic dance music) Ohh right, this one.

This isprobably the most challenging object in the area I'min. This is the bench. Now, the key is to get up onto it. And ride off it safely. Bit of trials, this canhelp you when it comes into a bit of a stickysituation out in the trail. Where you got this step upand you need to get up it and you don't wanna get off your bike. But learning it here, in a bitof a controlled environment. And at your own pace, and noton a trail, you can do it, right here, on this bench. So, the technique I'm goingfor, is front wheel up and the back wheel to follow.

 Like that. And then, a side hop off. Whoo, that's tech So the technique I usedhere was front wheel first, and then basically shiftingmy body weight up and over my front wheel. By curlingmy feet on my pedals I can bring the bike up. And like, push forward onto the bench. You can start small on a curb,which will be pretty good but there's no curbshere. And this is the only biggest feature in this area.Apart from the pump track. Let me do that again, and I'll show you. So, coming in with a bitof speed, walking pace. Front wheel and thenback wheel and then off.

So, you wanna do it as one solid motion. So you lift your frontwheel up, you put it down. As soon as you tap it down,you push down on your back wheel, preload it and hop up,using your hips and your feet to curl on your pedals. Hopefully you enjoyed this video. (claps) Don't forget if you wanna seemore trials, because I want to Because my trials is appalling.

If you wanna see me go and visit a trials rideror freeride mountain biker that does trials, Sam Pilgrim,let us know in the comments down below. Should Blake do trials? Give us a thumbs up, like, cause I'm gonna stick that comment below. If we can get loads of likeson that, 100% gonna go get a trials bike. Or just doit on my enduro bike. Don't forget to hit the globe,to subscribe, cause you're missing out on some rad content. If you wanna see anothervideo, trials to the trail, Click just down here Don't forget give us a thumbs up, like and I'll see you in the next one. See Ya! 

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