How To Make a Cake

 Welcome today we're going to show youhow to bake a cake for this cake we're going to preheat our oven to 350 degreesFahrenheit which is approximately 180 degrees Celsius and we'll let that warmup all right so what we first need to do is take our pan and would you butter it this is so that the cake won't stick tothe pan once it's finished baking you don't need too much butter as you cansee a little bit goes a long way you want to make sure that you do the sides this is a very simple butter brush it'sreally great for helping you to butter the pan you can also take the paper offof your butter and use that and steer it into the pan as well so this will stopthe cake from sticking to the pan but if we left it with just the better than thecake would also get very greasy so after we finish this turn almost down here besure that all the areas cover together and I also like to just smooth the toparea in case the cake comes over a little bit that way it won't stick tothere either all right so now the butter aside and then what I have is just about2 tablespoons of flour

I'm just going to sprinkle that in and then what we'regoing to do is we're going to Pat it so that's the flour shifts around all thesides you can do this over a bowl of you like so that you can catch the flour abit better I'm just letting it fall on a table here tadaone nicely flower buttered in flour to cake pan ready to use so now we're goingto just clear off my cakes space here so there is our pan that we're going tocook our cake in buttered and floured the butter prevents the cake fromsticking to the pan and the flour prevents the butter for making the caketoo greasy so we'll just set that aside and now we're going to make the cakebatter you're going to need two bowls and we're going to use six eggs and weneed a cup of sugar a cup of flour you're going to need one teaspoon oflemon extract and one tablespoon of vanilla extract you'll need one teaspoonof baking powder
 and one teaspoon of saltalright so now what we do first I like to mix the flour the dry ingredientsfirst so you take your cup of flour and you add your teaspoon of baking powderand your teaspoon of salt and then there's a neat little technique forstirring it if you just twist the spoon around then it will mix it all nicelythrough there for you you always want to mix your dry and yourwet ingredients separately before putting them together there we gothat is mixed enough so we'll set that aside and we'll use it in a little whilebefore we put these away and we also need a spatula okay so now what we'regoing to do is we are going to mix the eggs separately we're going to separatethe eggs so you take the egg and you crack it over the large bowl and thenyou're going to separate the eggs we're going to let the egg white go off holdon to the egg yolk and separate the egg and then put the egg yolk in here it'sokay for the egg white to go in with the egg yolk it is not okay for the egg yolkto go in with the white there you have the reason is because we're going toactually be fluffing up the egg white and egg yolk stops your egg white from
fluffing up it has grease in it fat in it that doesn't fluff whenever you'remaking a cake you always make sure that you pull your hair away from your faceso that none of your hairs will fall into the food and that you've washedyour hands thoroughly with a good soap to make sure you're not passing on anybacteria everything you want to have nice and clean and hygienic because asyou can see my fingers do touch the egg so you want to make sure that it isclean there are special eggs separators cups that you can get where you put theegg in it and all the egg white overflows and the egg yolk stays behindbut I find this just as easy and it saves you having to buy an extra toolhere's our last egg there we go all right I'll just put thisaside and wash my hands again all right so now we have our egg white and our eggyolks so the first thing I like to do is I like to put the sugar already into theegg yolks so one cup of sugar and 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract I like touse lots of flavor in my cakes you can use less if you like and one teaspoon oflemon extract and I'll just let that sit in there while I'm fluffing up my eggwhites so there you've got the yolk the sugar the vanilla and the lemon extractso I'm just going to put that soft and I'll move over this one and we're goingto fluff up our egg whites all right here we go you can tell when your egg white isready simply by tilting the bowl and if it follows you like that it's not readyyet you want a stiff all right let's have a look

 so there isour egg white and as you can see it's not floating and even you can turn itupside down that's how you know it's done and I want to make sure you do thatcarefully or else it's going to fall on the table all right so that is finishedso we're going to set that aside I'm going to take back our egg yolk mixtureand we're just going to mix this till it's really nice and creamy and frothy I have an extra fluffy and the trick to coming out and up notspraying it everywhere it's just as you're pulling it up to slow down thelevels okay so we'll set that aside and here we golook how nice and creamy and frothy that is so now what we're going to do iswe're going to put this mixture into our egg mix into our egg white mixture sopour that in using our spatula a wooden spoon would work also I like a spatulabecause in a moment you'll see how we're going to fold it all together and itjust keeps everything nice and light and frothy I have a very old Tupperwarespatula here and that you can use any kind of spatula a silicone ones nowadaysare really good all right try scrape out as much as you can waste not want notwrite that aside now we have our mixture and we're going to just fold it gentlyso we're not going to be stirring roughly because that would get rid ofall the beautiful bubbles we've had very gently folding it over and we don't needto fold too much just to help to get a base going there now we're going to addour flour mixture that we made and we're just going to simply sprinkle a littlebit at a time and fold that in there Sam folding it in as the egg comes up itwill simply absorb the flour to get really nice batter you want to make sureall the flour is absorbed so you don't end up with cake with lumps of flour init sprinkling the rest of the flour again we just want to do it in stagesso that we keep everything nice and light and fluffy since their last bit offlour going in just going under coming out holding up letting the flour stickto the egg mixture and we're creating our cake batter and our oven is nice andwarm now so be ready for us to put our cake in - now I was saying teaspoons andcups I know many of you are metric andliterally I don't actually use a measuring

 system I just grab a teaspoonthat I would use to stir my tea with I grab a tablespoon that I would use todrink my soup with and I use a cup that I would use like you saw just simply todrink out of this is a very versatile recipe it's very flexible if you want afluffier one you add more egg if you want it a more dense one just add moreflour very versatile you can add or take away sugar to taste and the same withthe vanilla and the lemon alright so we have a nice fluffy batter mixture herewe're going to put that into our cake pan so here we have our cake pan you can use any kind of a pan I've usedcereal bowls as long as they're ceramic or metal or glass you don't want to putany plastic in the oven but ceramic metal and glass are fine always makesure they're clean of course scrape out as much as you can I'm going to takeadvantage of it I like using the side of the bowl to help me remove the batterfrom my spatula set that aside and just spread out the cake mixture into thecorners when you're filling up a cake pan you want to your cake pan to be halfway full with the batter then you know it's not going to overflow and it shouldfill up the size of your cake pan nicely if you find that your oven is notcooking the Centers of your cakes very well you can always add a pate an icingrose it looks like a metal nail with a flat top you turn upside down place itin there and it'll distribute the heat evenly all right so I've got this allnice and even there we go and I'm just going to wash my fingersand then we'll pop it in the up all right so let's put our cake in our ovenmake sure you use your oven mitts so you don't burn yourselfand you want to have your oven rack in the center and you want to place yourcake in the center of the center rack so that your cake will get even heateverywhere over this and we're going to let that cook for 20 minutesand then we're going to come back and have a look and see if it's readyalright now let's go and clean our bowls so we can make some icing while we'rewaiting all right so our cake has just reached its 20 minutes we're going totake

 a toothpick a wooden toothpick and just see if it's ready so we use ourother gloves again Oh at the oven it's looking really good and we're going tojust with our toothpick perk into the center and pull it out and they came upnice and clean try again in another area came out nice and clean and here perfectso this one was ready look at that in about 25 minutesit took me a little bit just to get ready so we'll put that away we'll letthat cool down all right now a tip that I've learnedbecause we sometimes have problems with flies in our houses I don't have anyproblem with that right now but this is a great way to keep your cake coolingjust put a nice small towel on top of your cakeand it can cool and its own pace and it won't dry out and no bugs will get to itso that's how I cool my cakes and you want the cake to cool completely beforewe ice it or else your icing will just simply melt on it and it'll be easier toget out of the cake pan if you just let it cool completely so I'll show you whatit looks like once it's completely cooled now we'll go back to making our icing 

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