Toy Car Making

 That is my new car. We've zoomed in, so you can see inside my car to seewhere it gets its energy from. Take a look! It's a rubber band. Watch what happens when I wind the car up. The rubber band gets stretched and that is my form of energy. I wind it up and now we'll zoom out you can watch the wheel spin. So we've wound up our rubber band insidethe car and that energy is ready to do some work. It makes my car go fast! So we've cut our tube in half so you can get a better look at what's going on inside of our car in the rubber band You can see I've joined two rubber bandstogether here we'll talk about how I did that in a second.

 All I do is I have awooden skewer and I've actually taped a bent paperclip to that skewer so Ican hook on my rubber band and now all I need to do is wind it up...wind wind wind.My rubber band stretches and now I have all that energy ready to do some work.Let it go and you can see my axle spin, even after the rubber bands off of it.Now you can find a lot of different designs online for rubber-band poweredcars but we took a lot of time to think this through make it kid-friendly andclassroom-friendly. A lot of those designs required power tools and drillsand hot glue guns and and poking holes with hot items. Here we really designedthis to be kid-friendly, classroom friendly all you need are some reallybasic supplies to make this car work. so what are those basic supplies?

Well firstwe're going to take a look at the wheels. To do that I'm just going to pull thisoff and you can see I have nothing more than a wooden skewer and these littleplastic wheels are the bottom to plastic cups. Take a look at this so thisis how we made our wheels now a lot of times people might try to cut themdraw a circle on cardboard but it's difficult to get a really round wheel. Wefind, why draw something round when we can find something that's already roundand just use it.

 Take a look at the bottom of this cup. All I need to do istake a pair of scissors cut into the cup down to the bottom, around and I have aperfectly round wheel. So how do I make a hole without a power tool? To make ourhole all we need is a push pin. Now the nice thing about most cups there'smarkings on the bottom of the cup which helps us try to figure out where thecenter of that cup is. So I'm just going to take my push pin and to be safe I'll putit on the table to get it started. I push it through and now I have the beginningof a really small hole. How do I make it bigger? Well that's where I use my woodenskewer. You can see the end of my skewers tapered to a point, and that what thatallows me to do is push this through just by twisting and pushing it makes myhole the perfect size and believe it or not the plastic makes it so that mywheel doesn't split. You can try using a paper cup or a Styrofoam cup but we'vefound that hole actually gets too big so plastic is the way to go.

So I cut outtwo wheels, put it on my wooden skewer axle, and it's time to see if this thingactually rolls to do that I give it a little push and it works just great so Ihave my two axles all made up I have my front axle my back axle and this rubberband is going to stretch from the front of my tube and I have to connect it to theback axle how do I do that well if you look in our car I use the thumbtack Icould tape a paperclip and bend it but it's really difficult to bend thepaperclip just right especially if you're a kid a thumbtack actually worksreally well so let's take a look at how to do that So we pulled the wheels off the backaxle and I'm going to take my thumbtack. I'm going to take my skewer put it down on the desk and this is the hardest part being really careful I'm going to push mythumbtack into my skewer you might need to take something like a scissors andjust tap it and it's got to look like your skewer splits we're going to zoom inso you can see what the wood does we've zoomed in so you can see what the woodskewer does

when I push the pushpin through you can see it starts to splitand that's okay it actually makes it easier for the pushpin to push throughbut we will want to put some tape around the skewer to keep it from splitting allthe way down so here we go so now all we're going to do is take some tape anytape will work and wrap it around my skewer on both sides to keep it fromsplitting all the way down the skewer wrap it around and now I'm ready to put my wheels backon one side another side and now I have my front and back axle ready to go sohow do we get our axles into our tube at just the right spot if I put it up toohigh my wheels won't be on the ground if I put it down too low my thumbtack willactually hit the bottom of my tubes so all I did with my axle made up as I heldmy axle just where I want it to go where the thumbtacks going to have just enoughclearance and then look at the side I made a mark on one side and the otherside where it hits and I drew a line all the way down my tube so that's I knowthat just the right spot to put my axle through to make the hole in the tube allI need is my thumbtack I'll make a new one for you goes right into my cardboardtube work it around now how do I make that little tiny hole bigger that'swhere
 my skewer or a pencil comes in take that tapered point I want to pushand twist at the same time and now I have a little hole for my axle to goright through so let's put this through up pull my thumb pack out take one wheeloff through one other now all I have to do just put my thumb tack back in put mywheel back on and now I have a spinning axle ready to go so the last thing youlook at is our energy source and how we attach it to the front of our car so Iused rubber bands that I put together to form a long string so how do I do thatwell really simple I can overlap the two rubber bands and I'm just going to pullthat end and that end through and they're joined I made that look reallyeasy you might struggle with that if you're the first few times but once youget it it's a piece of cake so now we've zoomed in to show you how we attach thisand to do that I'm just going to pull off this piece of tape so you can see what'sgoing on here and how simple it is all I have is a hole that I pulled the rubberband through and to keep it from going through all the way I took apart of the skewer and when I pull the rubber band it stays in place and put apiece of tape so how do we make that hole let's take a look at it so this ismetal but it's a really thin metal let's see if I can push this push pin rightthrough it and I got it right through wiggle it how do I make that hole biggerthe same exact way take my skewer a little more force and now I have abigger hole and if I need to make it even bigger I can use a pencil that'swider than that you may be even the tip of a scissors push it in spin it and nowI have a really big hole so

 I have my bigger hole now I have to thread myrubber band through I can push it through and once I get this far enoughin I can reach in from the backside and pull it down the rest of the way then Ijust take a little bit of skewer that I cut off tuck it under there pull ittight and I'm ready to tape it in place so we have our rubber band car allassembled how do we wind it up to make it work well so I've used the skewer toreach in there and grab that rubber band and as I turn my axle the thumbtacksgoing to catch it and now I can wind it up and you can experiment and play aroundwith how much you wind it how tightly wind the rubber band but you got to keepone thing in your mind you have to figure out which way to wind it to makeit go forward let's see if I wound it up the right direction my car just wentbackwards I have to wind it the other direction to get my car moving forwardthe cool thing about these rubber band cars is you can use all kinds ofdifferent materials to make your car work I went to the dollar store is thatokay say dollars oh I went to the dollar store and found this little plasticbasket and I noticed they're wrong and I noticed there were holes in the side ofthe basket and I realized I didn't even have to make holes in the side I couldput wooden axles through

 I attached my rubber band to the frontyou can see my little push pin on my axle let's take a look and see how thisworks it's even easier to wind up because Ican reach into the top hook my thumb tack wind it up and see if it works another working car the cool thing aboutthese rubber band cars is you can use all kinds of different materials to makeyour car work I went to the dollar store and found this little plastic basket andI noticed there were holes in the side of the basket and I realized I didn'teven have to make holes in the side I could put wooden axles through

 Iattached my rubber band to the front you can see my little push pin on my axlelet's take a look and see how this works it's even easier to wind up because Ican reach into the top hook my thumbtack wind it up and see if it works anotherworking car the really cool thing about these cars is that I can use everydayclassroom materials to build all kinds of different varieties of cars and then

I can actually become a scientist and test them out and see which one goes thefarthest which one goes the fastest which one carries the most weight Icould stack pennies or paperclips or marbles in here and count them up andsee which car can actually carry the most weight the furthest down thehallway science is so cool when you experiment and try new things and lookat things that work and look at things that don't work and then try and figureout how to make them better and faster just really cool if you want to learnmore about engineering check out our links and our other videos on thechannel thanks for watching 

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